The Dante question, at the center of the cultural problems of the western world.

The specialists of the “Comedy” in seven centuries have not noticed that the Dante question is at the center of the culture of the so-called western world. Until this issue is resolved, new cultural developments will be impossible. In these days in Italy there is a lot of talk about problems related to school such as timetables, classrooms, teachers. They might be important, but they are only structural, not cultural. True culture is something else, and must be disconnected as much as possible from economic, political, human errors.
It may seem strange, but the question is simple, linked as it is largely to the true identity of a character in the sacred poem in which Dante indicated his teacher, namely the Florentine notary Brunetto Latini. Here the poet resorted to a lie for personal reasons. 
I managed to solve this problem, which also affected the Homeric question and Humanism, publishing articles and essays, but no specialist said a simple world about it. If it turned out that Dante and his true teacher (certainly not the modest Florentine municipal official, in his spare time also a spice merchant) were lovers  for a certain period, hard consequences would invest non only the cultural but also the religious field.
In every case “Comedy” is at center of everything.